Core Values


Biblical – relevant, practical Bible teaching that results in life change (Christ-like character); major on majors and minor on minors doctrinally, allowing for ‘gray areas’ where believers honestly disagree with worthy Scriptural support.

Relational – being people focused, rather than big event or program focused; believing the best spiritual care and life change occurs in small groups, so we do all our ministry through small groups, cared for by servant leaders who are cared for and accountable.

Innovative – see change and ‘outside the box’ thinking as friends; willingness to adjust methods to best meet ever changing needs.

Diversity – avoid exclusivity and uniformity and welcome differences (personal, ethnic, worship styles, ministry interests).

Generosity – willingness to sacrifice for others and put their needs before our own; heart for reaching non-Christians, helping the poor and welcoming newcomers to the church.

Empowerment – the people are ‘Ministers’ (as gifted by God) and pastors are ‘Administers’ (ministry equippers); decentralize ministry by promoting growth over control.

Spirit of Optimism – positive, hope-filled preaching (‘Good News’) that encourages joy and thankfulness; willingness to step out in faith and take risks spiritually, eagerly welcoming new ministries and opportunities.