Mission Statement

We exist to glorify God by helping people to come to know and worship Jesus, build caring relationships, serve others, grow spiritually, and influence others to do the same.
Called to be a Disciple

We believe that disciples are in the process of being shaped by God’s Spirit to become more and more like Jesus for His glory. This process is not a matter of us being driven by duty, but rather responding to God’s love and work of grace in us. Following Jesus and being His disciple is a high calling. We are called to deny ourselves, take up His cross, and follow Him. None of us are capable of doing this apart from God’s grace so powerfully made known to us through the cross. As God does His good work in us we grow in heart, understanding, and practice in the following areas…

Love For God

  • A growing hunger for intimacy with Him is demonstrated by
  • Reading, studying and applying God’s Word
  • Praying consistently
  • Praising, thanking, and adoring God throughout each day
  • Keeping short accounts with God for the sin in our lives through consistent confession and repentance

A deepening faith in Him is demonstrated by

  • Listening for His Spirit’s leading
  • Trusting Him in all circumstances
  • Living by God’s priorities, plans, and purposes

A maturing expression of obedience to Him is demonstrated by

  • Producing the fruit of God’s Spirit
  • Living today in eager expectation of Christ’s return
  • Practicing personal purity and integrity
  • Love For His Church

A growing commitment to Christ’s body is marked by

  • Faithfully gathering for worship
  • Giving our resources in generous, joyful stewardship
  • Being a positive force for unity and reconciliation
  • Actively seeking ways to build people up in Christ
  • Engaging in biblical community through small group participation

A maturing expression of our servant hood is demonstrated by

  • Using our gifts (SHAPE) to encourage, challenge, and sharpen others
  • Serving others with tangible expressions of love
  • Love for the Unreached

A growing vision of God’s heart for the world is demonstrated by

  • Becoming educated and burdened to see God’s world through His perspective

A deepening love for those who are far from Jesus is marked by

  • Serving the needs of our neighbors and community
  • Building intentional relationships to share the life of Christ to others
  • Living out compassion and justice for the poor, suffering, and oppressed
  • Growing interest and investment in developing healthy churches
    throughout the world